Voice of the customer
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9,845 Customer responses
82% reviewed
Volume Timeline
- 12
Net Promoter Score

Positive sentiment decreased

The Enterprise segment has the most negative sentiment

Top customer experience issues


81% negative

Support Triage

79% negative

Platform performance

65% negative

This month 29% of feedback is about the Platform Performance

Before, the maximum number of these mentions was 11% of all feedback.

341 new responses have been added in the last 7 days

That’s 57% more than the previous week.

NPS increased from -15 to +10 for Upgrades & Migrations

The number of detractors dropped sharply from 46% to 12%. Good job!

Twice as many accounts were engaged last quarter

40 new accounts provided feedback in Q2

Voice of the customer
led growth

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Get the full picture from your existing data

All your feedback unified

Seamlessly connect and synthesize different Voice of the Customer data sources. All relevant information organized in one place, with your customers' wants and needs at the center.

Actionable text analytics

Themes, sentiment and translations are highly accurate and updated in real-time.

Crowdsource your organization’s collective knowledge by letting users validate predictions, making the insights trustworthy and bespoke.

Enable & align teams

Personalized content

Everyone in the organization understands how their role impacts the Customer and Product experience. Individuals and teams can access insights that are relevant for them with 2 clicks.

Collaborate & Close
the loop

Successful companies thrive on collaboration. Close the loop internally, capture follow-up conversations with your customers, share insights across teams to promote alignment, facilitate huddles to build consensus and commitment, and create action plans.

Focus on the things that matter

Visuals that tell your story

Forget word clouds and stagnant reports or dashboards. Echoes offers the most dynamic and executive ready visuals such as data stories, customer journey maps and a prioritization matrix. You can zoom in and out, and within seconds see what your customers really think and feel at scale.

Define your own path to success

Echoes not only predicts future customer satisfaction outcomes, like NPS & CSAT; it also provides an intuitive “What if” analysis with realistic suggestions to improve these metrics.

Workflows & Notifications

Automated emails and alerts that keep you informed about any changes in your data or new insights.

Understanding & addressing outstanding customer needs is the growth engine of any modern subscription business

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Customer highlights

  • Trevor Bunker

    Trevor Bunker

    Chief Customer Officer

    Echoes delivers a unified, easy to use and actionable platform that aggregates our most valuable customer feedback across multiple channels. It enables key insights into our voice of the customer and adoption work that is essential to our product modernization program.

  • Chris Lawton

    Chris Lawton

    Sr. Director, Customer Experience

    Echoes automatically (and accurately!) categorizes all of our customer feedback into meaningful themes, so that we can quickly drill into the details to identify improvement areas. Our employees are delighted with its intuitive interface and superior user experience.

  • Zach Lein

    Zach Lein

    VP Operations & Insights

    Echoes has not only unlocked new insights from our VoC data, but it enables our product and sales teams to easily collaborate through the intuitive platform.

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    Chief Customer Officer

    Echoes enables our Product Management organization to source customer feedback themes for use in prioritization discussions. It also saves our Voice of the Customer team upwards of 40 hours per month manually coding customer survey responses.

Get relevant, actionable insights in minutes

Echoes integrates with your existing CX tech stack